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Interview mit John Jorgenson zur Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour 2019 - exklusiv für

Hello John, thank you fort he readyness for this little Interview. We are very proud to do that with you. Here are my questions: Who asked you to fill in for Davey for playing the european concerts this year?

John: Well, I was actually asked by Elton, David Furnish and Davey in a very organic way. Since it’s not the first time I’ve filled in for Davey because of medical or family reasons it was not too unusual to be asked again. He has been my friend long before we every played together or with Elton, so I’m happy to be able to help him out in this way.

Are you still in touch with Elton now or then while you've been on your own tours?


Yes, I’m in touch with Elton from time to time over the years and since Davey and I live near each other and are family friends we keep in touch too. David Furnish also keep in contact with my wife Dixie, so it a bit of a family-like situation. You already jumped in when Davey had surgery in 2013. How was it to fill in that time? How did Elton and the Band welcome you?

John: I’ve actually filled in a number of times over the years, and although the situations at times have been sometimes sad and stressful, Elton and the band, crew, and management have always been very welcoming and appreciative. The first time I filled in after Guy, Bob and Clive were gone it was a pretty strange feeling as one would imagine. Now I’m more acquainted with Matt and Kim, so it’s a little more comfortable and I’m looking forward to the shows. I’ve also had more time to prepare and send ahead my own equipment, so that’s cool too. What's your favourite memory about being on tour with Elton and Davey in the 90s - For many fans, Davey and you were the perfect match. Is there any chance to see you together on this farewell tour once again on stage?

John: After Princess Diana’s Funeral it seems that the love for Elton was at an all time high, and the the audiences were just overflowing with love and positive energy at the concerts. It was hard to imagine anything even more than that, so I asked Davey if it was more intense back in the 70s heyday. He replied “only when John Lennon joined us onstage at MSG, otherwise this is pretty much the top”. That was special to be with Elton at that high point for sure. Davey and I always had so much fun playing and rocking out onstage together, and now when I see the clips from back then I understand how the audience would see and feel the energy and the fun we were having. We love and respect each other without competition, yet we would spur each other on and the crowd would benefit from that. As far as I know now there aren’t plans for the 2 of us to be onstage together. You've made some albums with Davey when you were on tour together. Do you think about the possibility  doing another one.

John: Indeed Davey and I recorded the Crop Circles album while on tour with the immense help of Guy Babylon who did the actual recording and engineering. We’ve actually spoken many times about wanting to do a follow-up to this record, but both have been extremely busy. As there are no plans for us to be together on tour it’s unlikely that we would be able to make another album at this time. When Elton has retired, will there be a place for Davey in your band?

John: Good question! Well, my bands are pretty diverse and specific (gypsy jazz, bluegrass...) but I’m always up for playing with Davey in any format, so who knows, maybe we will make a new band together! The Jam session during Levon is one of the most beloved improvisations parts since several years. How will you prepare your guitar part? Just by improvising or do you discuss such things with Davey?

John: To prepare for this tour I’ve listened to live tapes of the shows so that I can understand the dynamics of these “jam sections” that appear in Levon and several other songs during the show. These are actually some of my favorite parts too, as the entire band needs to act like “one mind” and each member contributes to the overall dynamic much more than in the confines of the usual sections. I was also able to rehearse these sections with the band some before the shows, so I feel pretty much ready to rock! How did your band members react to the rescheduled concerts of your own projects?

John: Most of my own band members were extremely supportive, and so were the promoters of the shows we had to reschedule. So far nearly all of my affected shows have been rescheduled and for the most part all of my band members will be able to play the rescheduled concerts. I feel very lucky and supported in this way. It also helps that everyone in the world loves Elton!! Will there be a chance to see and hear you play other instruments than the guitar during your tour leg? MKaybe the Saxophon on The Bitch Is Back?

John: So far the only “non-guitar” Instrument I’ll be playing is the pedal steel on Tiny Dancer. That could change, but as I’m the only guitarist the guitar parts need to be covered first and foremost. What's your favourite Elton Song to play?

John: That’s a hard one, there so many good ones!! Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding is great for guitar, Don’t Let The Sun touches the audience so much, Burn Down The Mission is so funky, then I love playing the pedal steel so Tiny Dancer...well, I could go through the whole setlist really! Which concerts/places are you looking forward the most and why?

John: I am probably looking forward most to playing the places where I have lots of friends....Verona, Paris, Amsterdam, UK... Also some of the venues themselves are stunning, like Nimes. Is there a chance to meet you during the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour?

John: I’m not sure about that, I think sometimes there is a VIP meet and greet sort of event before the shows that I could attend. Many of the concerts we fly in and out the same day so the timing is pretty tight. A last Question: In the record store you see more and more vinyl records. What is your favorite Music format. Vinyl, CD, Tape or MP3 and why?

John: I like all the formats really, each one has its benefits and drawbacks. Vinyl sounds amazing but is delicate and bulky, CDs are bit more convenient but can sound a tad harsh, MP3s are super convenient but lack dynamics...tape really sounds amazing too. Probably my most favorite listening experience recently was in Greg Penny’s studio when he showed me 5.1 mixes of the Blue Moves album...extraordinary!


Wir möchten uns an dieser bei John Jorgenson herzlich bedanken für dieses Interview.

Mein besonderer Dank gilt Daniel, der mich unheimlich bei den Fragten inspiriert hat! So was machen wir nochmal!