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Interview mit Charlie Morgan vom 14. Juni 2011: How did you come to join the Elton John Band?

Charlie Morgan;I was one of the top session drummers in the UK, and very busy in the studio.  Elton heard my drumming on Nik Kershaw's "Human Racing" album and asked producer Gus Dudgeon to book me for a session on the Ice On Fire album.  When I was on the session, Elton asked if I would be interested in "playing a little charity concert" later that year.  This turned out to be Live Aid!!! The last Concert in 1995 was a show in Rio de Janeiro. Many Elton Fans Love this show. You were in a good condition and played a good concert. After the show you wanted to get back to England. Can you tell us about the journey?

Charlie Morgan;Hah! yes... we had been using an old Douglas DC8 freight plane to carry all our equipment around South America (there were seats at the back for the crew).  I wanted to get back early (and the earliest flight back to the UK from Rio was late the next day), so I hitched a ride back to the USA with the crew.  This meant I had to get to the airport at 3am the morning after the show!!  We flew back through San Juan (Puerto Rico), to Philadelphia.  Then I had to get a cab to JFK, to catch my flight back to London!  I arrived back (with Pete Mills, my drum tech) after over 22 hours of travel... How many shows did you play with Elton?

Charlie Morgan;That's a question to ask John Higgins.  I believe it is over 1,500. I know the 1985-6 tour had around 185 shows alone!  As I said, John Higgins has a database that lists all the shows each member played.  I do know I played on 7 albums: Ice On Fire, Leather Jackets, Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Reg Strikes Back, Made In England, The Big Picture and Love Songs, oh, and also Two Rooms (Kate Bush's Rocket Man cover)... Plus the DVD of the Barcelona concert in 1992, and the Rio show in 1995, of course!  And Tantrums & Tiaras (I celebrate my 40th birthday somewhere in there!)... What is your favourite Elton Song?

Charlie Morgan; Burn Down The Mission.  For a drummer, it is such a technical song.... I loved playing it. How did Elton and Billy work together during their Face to Face-tours?

Charlie Morgan; Remarkably well.  They are good friends.   they have a mutual respect for each other and their respective talent. What is it like to play with someone like Elton on stage?

Charlie Morgan; About the biggest buzz of all time.  There were many moments when I felt like pinching myself to see if I was dreaming! Are you still in touch with Elton?

Charlie Morgan;  I am - but not often enough.  I do write to him from time to time. If you would have the opportunity to tour with Elton again, would you agree or not?

Charlie Morgan;  Yes, I would agree.  I always loved playing with him,  and the band are amazing, too. If you had to do a "normal" job - which one would you choose?

Charlie Morgan: Probably truck driver.  I did that for 4 years when I was starting out - drove huge trucks around Europe.  I love long distance driving.  When I was younger, I was quite a good race driver, and there was a short time when I had a possibility of a "pro" seat in a racing team (sports cars).  But I decided to stay with what I knew. What instruments do you play beside, and which one would you like to play beside?

Charlie Morgan: I play a little piano, and a tiny bit of guitar... What is elton like in the studio?

Charlie Morgan: Brilliant, funny (Hilarious), witty, moody, perfectionist...  wonderful Have you ever met Bernie Taupin and if yes what do you think about him?

Charlie Morgan: I have met Taupin many times, and love his company.  He is very quiet, but also very witty. How does Elton behave before going on stage?

Charlie Morgan: He often gets nervous.  But sometimes he would come into our hospitality room and chat with us before the show.  Sometimes, on the side of the stage, waiting to go on, he would tell jokes, or make funny comments... Did you have a good relationship with elton?

Charlie Morgan: I believe so.  I never fell out with him, or the organisation.  He has a small group of close friends, and at one time I think I could count myself as one of them.  But we have not spoken recently.  I will always be a huge fan of his music, his talent and his personality! Charlie, thanks for this Interview!