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The Origin Of The Species

Musik von Elton John/Text von Bernie Taupin

geschrieben für das Broadway Musical "Lestat"/ bislang unveröffentlicht

Indulge me if you will my friends
For I've a tale to spin
Of all the vampires on this earth
Of my unholy kin
I am the oldest one by far
Maurice is my name
When I was born it was the time
The Roman empire reigned

When he was born it was the time
the Roman empire reigned

And like you mortals as you age
The weaker you become
For us is quite the opposite
The years just make us strong

But like you we feel pain and loss
And suffer heartbreak too
We ponder our existence
In the same way as you do

We ponder our existence
In the same way as you do

In the myth of your creation
There's poor Adam and sweet Eve
Temptation and a serpent
And the devil's apple tree

We have Ankil and Akasha
An Egyptian king and queen
The mother and the father
Of we paler bloody fiends

The mother and the father
Of we paler bloody fiends

Marius tell us more
Marius tell us more
Tell us more, tell us more
Marius, tell us more

Four thousand years ago before the pyramids were built
Ankil and Akasha ruled with wise benevolence
A splendor of Egyptian life was prosperous and good
But in their kingdom enemies were present
And so it happened that a demon came in to the town
And took a liking to the home of some unfortunate
Who pleaded to wise Ankil for his council and advise
Before his home this demon desicrated
The king in all the faith decided to engage the ghoul
In hopes his evil ways by chance he might dissuade
The queen would not allow her king to face this deed alone
And in her choice the hand of fate was played

The demon ____ furniture, malevolence abounded
And while they pleaded to be heard they found themselves surrounded
Assassins of the enemy, their collective knife _____
Hacked and stabbed the royal pair and left the bodies bleeding

As they lay dying on the ground a poltergeist did swoop
And entered in the wounds of their illustrious monarchy
Their reanimated bodies bore an terrifying glow
Alive to them but dead to you and me
The demon in their veins, they gained a supernatural power
But one that left them sorely lacking human traits
No longer to partake of food and drink or bear a child
Their hunger only blood could satiate

They could not face the blazing sun
It's magnficence was deadly
But the power of gods and eternal life
Is a simply wonderful medley

In the sands of Egypt to this day
Dwell Ankil and Akasha
The rulers of the vampire race
Our beloved mother and father